Features Overview

Groundswell Analytics focuses on three core areas within the Business Analytics space, Data Assessments, Modeling and Reporting. With these three areas a full turnkey solution is provided to develop a data-driven culture within any organization.


Review Structure & System . . .

  1. Fully diagram systems, their interfaces and data flows
  2. Create high-level ERD of data structures and common semantics
  3. Render observations of current state
  4. Present assessment along with full documentation and suggested future state.

Provide Support . . .

  1. Augment current staff as workloads require more manpwer.
  2. Troublehsoot data interface issues.

Experience & Training . . .

  1. Instruct internal team on best practice
  2. Mentor staff regarding data management.

Straegies for BI . . .

  1. Provide insight into data structures that facilitate reporting and BI.
“...holds the respect from his peers and the business community. He consistently displays qualities of integrity, honesty, and professionalism...”
— Dennis Pannuto Chief Information Office Golden Books Publishing

Wireframe To Optimize . . .

  1. Relational and multi-dimensional modeling
  2. Logical and physical design
  3. Versed in leading DB tecnologies.

Building Warehouses . . .

  1. Design of small to large data warehouse
  2. Architected 4 Enterprise Data Warehouses and multiple reporting marts.

Master Data . . .

  1. Expert in defining corporate referential data structures
  2. Lead internal sessions to define common data.
“..displayed creativity and original thinking beyond the expectations for all the positions he held...”
— Jim Kennedy Director of Data Warehousing Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

Operational & Enterprise Reporting . . .

  1. 25 years of corporate reporting
  2. Certified in IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, and Tableau
  3. Report acumen across businesss groups

Strategies for Efficency . . .

  1. Build new data structures to enhance report performance
  2. Mashup data using blended technologies.

Tool Selection . . .

  1. Lead internal review of new reporting tools
  2. Manage vendor engagement
  3. Create and sumarizer tool evaluation
  4. Deliver final recommentation dcoument.
“…his success has come as a result of three key attributes, his continuing high level of relevant technical skills, his ability to establish, mentor and manage effective teams, and an ability to develop tight working relationships…”
— Richard N. Barnes Vice President, Information Technology Atlas Air Corporation