Get off the wagon. Please. We need you.

Getting back on the horse is harder than getting on the wagon. The simple case for this is that getting on the horse is an individual action. Sure you can have some one hold the horse and even have someone steady you on. But eventually, like it or not, you got to drive the horse. You need to take action and lead.

The “wagon hoping” game is so much easier.

You can get on with little to no trouble. You don’t need much effort. There is most likely room for you, someone else is driving, and everyone else is on the wagon wanting the same thing you want: to go somewhere without having to think or make the choice of where.

Getting on the horse is so much harder.

Learning how takes time and effort. And lets hope the horse trust you! If it doesn’t think that you have what it takes it might buck you right off. You have to develop the skills, the vision, and confidence of making it.

So why do you not want to be on the wagon? Freedom to lead.

Freedom to take paths that the wagon can’t even fathom or consider. Freedom to blaze trails that frankly,  we need. In this current age of “the internet of things” and Big Data, getting on the wagon and traveling the well worn path is not cutting it. It is creating a workplace of erosion and apathy. We are gathering information that is not asking the right questions and adapting simply because: everyone else is doing it. We need people with the freedom and insight and courage to lead. Being a force for change in the workplace, never mind the world, take leadership. 

Don’t sell the horse for the convenece of the wagon. Get off the wagon. We need you to lead.