Innovation is not about being safe.


If we are going to find new ways of organizing the data that matters to us, and our customers/users/bosses, we need to be willing to look beyond what we know. That is, beyond the comfort and safety of what we are sure of. In the past, the knowledge and tactics worked for us. And they might work now. But have you taken the time to look outside the "you bubble"? Are you doing what everyone else is doing because. "that's how it's done"? 

Safety in a system without growth breeds only stagnation and innovation. 

This past year the New York Knicks let go of great coach and GM, Phil Jackson. After three years of living in an old model and trying to apply a workflow and ideology on players who had moved on, it was clear that Phil had to go. Why did this happen? Because Phil wasn't willing to look beyond his system. Years before, he had massive success with Bulls of the 90s and the Lakers of the 2000s. This fact is undeniable. His legacy is ensured. But the game has changed. "The triangle" system has given way to the "run and gun" style, stretch 4s and 5s, and there is practically no positions anymore. Also, his players were aware of this and had come fro these systems. The triangle was so slow and clunky in comparison. The league had moved on and Phil would not change. 

Your game has changed. The way we do things needs to change, Now. 

How do we not end up like Phil Jackson? Adapt. Grow. Lead through innovation. You don't have to go it alone either. Team innovation needs the ability and permission to look for the insights to your data. Only then can you create a design flow that works for your company. Design that creates automation just because it flows in new and innovative ways. 

"Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more." Alexander Isley

So don't just rely on your system, especially if there are signs that you see that it could or is failing. Adapt, grow, and find success beyond your own borders. You have the ability to inspire and innovate. It's well worth it.